There is no one like you

Whether it’s the things you like, the way you smile or even the style of your hair, you really are unique – these are the things that make you who you are.
Even your eyes are unique, no two eyes in the world are ever the same. It’s because of this that Varilux has introduced a range of spectacle lenses that can be tailor-made exclusively for the eyes of each and every one of us.

For over 50 years, Essilor has been at the forefront of spectacle lens technology and is the pioneer of progressive lenses, which you may know better as Varilux brand lenses. Essilor is the leading worldwide spectacle lens manufacturer and is consistently setting the standard in design innovation.

The benefits of having Varilux personalized lenses is that all the visual areas of your lenses are in their optimal position in relation to your eyes when you wear your spectacles, so you’ll have high resolution vision that is instant and effortless.

Essilor personalized lenses are available in single vision and Varilux progressive designs. Each design can offer different levels of personalization. You’ll really notice the difference regardless of your prescription.

Measure them eyes to lenses custom

To enable Goodrich Optical to make personalized lenses exclusively for you, our Opticians will need to take some measurements which are in addition to your usual eye examination and prescription.

The Visioffice System is an all-encompassing measuring system that allows Opticians to obtain every possible parameter required for Modern High-Definition Lenses – with extreme accuracy.

It can analyze your visual behavior. For example whether you move your eyes or turn your head when viewing objects, or whether you tilt your head to one side. It also encompasses a unique measurement called Eyecode. Eyecode is a stunning breakthrough which includes a precise dynamic 3D eye measurement. This pioneering new technology enables us – for the first time ever – to pinpoint the exact center of rotation of your eye. With this vital new measurement – the eyecode – we can produce a personalized, HD ready lens that is 5 times more optically precise, producing better vision in lower light levels e.g. driving at dusk or night time.

The Opticians at Goodrich Optical are “Eyecode Specialists”. They will take all the measurements needed for personalized lenses using the Visioffice® measuring system. The measurement process is non-invasive, quick and simple.

The Visioffice system is extremely accurate. Measuring to within 1/10th of a millimeter, for great results every time. Using Visioffice, our Opticians can also take photographs and video footage of you to help you select your best frame style, as well as giving you animated demonstrations of the lens types that are available to you.

Get your lenses with eyecode for 5x higher precision

In the past you had access to a range of high quality lenses. But until now, none that take into account just how unique your eyes are. Using Eyecode data, the Opticians at Goodrich Optical can go one step further in the personalization of your lenses.

Currently, all spectacles lenses assume that every person has the same Eye Rotation Center, in reality it varies from person to person & even from left to right eye. By using Visioffice to take a dynamic 3D measurement called eyecode, our Opticians can pinpoint the exact Eye Rotation Center in every eye.

This precious data can be added to your personalized lens calculations, meaning that your spectacle lenses are 5x more optically precise*, wherever your gaze passes through them. These measurements can only be taken using the Visioffice measuring system and the lenses are only available through your Eyecode Specialists at Goodrich Optical.

The Range

Whether you require single vision or progressive lenses, Essilor’s range of personalized lenses means there’s an option that meets your needs. Ask your Goodrich Optical Optician and they will help find the ideal solution.

Varilux S 4D™

Offering the most sophisticated level of optical technology in the Varilux™ portfolio, Varilux S 4D™ lenses are exclusively available from Goodrich Optical and eyecare professionals with the Visioffice® System. Only 4D Technology factors in the leading dominant eye, along with up to 15 personalized measurements for faster visual reaction time & instant focus.

Varilux® Physio® Enhanced Fit

With the introduction of Varilux Physio® progressive lenses, Essilor revolutionized the way that progressive lenses are designed and manufactured. Now with new and improved technology, Varilux Physio® Enhanced Fit lenses offer greater personalization by incorporating 5 frames & fitting measurements into the lens design itself.

Varilux® Ipseo New Edition

We each have our own ratio of head and eye movements as part of our unique visual behaviour. VariluxIpseo® progressive lenses are the first lenses that factor each person’s unique behaviour into the design of their lens lens, offering a more natural visual experience.

Single Vision Essilor 360° ™ Fit

Traditional single vision lenses generally correct central vision effectively, but they do not always offer the optimal overall quality of vision, in particular peripheral vision. Essilor’s new SV 360° lenses mean that you now have optimal precision over the entire surface of the lenses, regardless of your gaze direction.

Crizal UV Lenses

Crivzal lenses offer the long-lasting performance that you deserve. Essilor’s range of coatings combat all the enemies of clear vision that can impact on the performance of your lenses, such as smudges, scratches, dust, reflections and water. They offer the most complete daily UV protection for everyday lenses with and Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) of 25.