Driven by a passion for innovation and development, we combine specialized processes in optical engineering with high-tech knowledge of advanced materials to bend and manipulate light more precisely than ever before possible. At Goodrich Optical, we provide tailored, optimized experiences that really improve the way you see life.

Unlike online shopping, big box stores or chain locations, we don’t own the lab so- we demand they meet our standards.

At GOODRICH OPTICAL, we have Quality Control checks in place and hold our vendors to the highest standards.

If it’s not right, it goes back!


We offer the largest selection of frames and lenses in the Greater Lansing area. Our Opticians personally select each frame we offer and take great care in our frames offerings.  We carry the latest in designer, top-quality eyewear, and sun wear.

Our Eyewear Specialists can recommend the correct frames to properly compliment your facial characteristics while taking into consideration such things as your prescription and ocular needs as well as aesthetics and occupational requirement. Once your perfectly unique frame is chosen, our staff of Opticians will evaluate your lifestyle needs and occupational habits to ensure the best digital lens technology and optical performance options are recommended to meet all your unique needs. We will evaluate and obtain up to 14 unique measurements required to customize your eyewear to your needs.

We match your frame with the latest ophthalmic lens designs to complete your perfect “look”. We carry an extraordinary collection of designer frames including Cazal, Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Minima, Roy Robson and many others.


“The Big Box shop offers One Hour Service, why should I wait”?

The most common problems we encounter are patients unhappy with glasses they had made elsewhere. High-quality eyewear can’t be delivered “fast-food” style.




The “Total Vision Solution” we offer includes a custom ‘everyday’ pair of glasses, a glare-free and Blue Light protective ‘Professional” pair specifically to improve computer and digital lifestyle activities, and a pair of Polarized prescription sunglasses designed to maintain good eye health by eliminating harmful ultraviolet damage as well as visual strain from blinding glare conditions.</h2/


At Goodrich Optical, you can expect:


  • Top Quality Eyewear and Lenses

  • Frame and Lens Guarantees

  • Hundreds of Eyeglass Frames to Choose From

  • Expertly Made to Your Exact Prescription

  • Friendly Staff


Whether discussing the benefits of titanium, stainless steel, acetate or composite frame materials or explaining the advantages of anti-reflection coatings, high-index lenses, or the most advanced, Free-Form Digital Progressive lens designs, you can rest assured the Opticians at Goodrich Optical will provide you with their best recommendations for optimizing and expressing your unique personal style.

With over 150 years of combined experience, our family of Certified, Licensed and Lansing’s only Master Optician utilizes that knowledge, in conjunction with the latest technology, to help you achieve your visual goals.