Eye Injury, Infection, and Disease

Injury, Infection and Diseases of the Eye

Doctor Bosak is well-versed in treating a variety of eye diseases, injuries, and infections. Our office can almost always accommodate eye emergencies should you have an injury or infection that requires immediate attention. Our services include treatment for conjunctivitis (pink eye), removing foreign objects, corneal abrasions, infections, and glaucoma, diseases of the eye lids and orbit, as well as many others.

Common Eye Injuries

  • Eye Swelling
  • Scratched Eye (Corneal Abrasion)
  • Penetrating or Foreign Objects in the Eye
  • Caustic Foreign Substance in the Eye (Chemical Burn)
  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhages (Eye Bleeding)
  • Traumatic Iritis
  • Hyphemas and Orbital Blowout Fractures

Common Eye Infections and Diseases

  • Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye)
  • Blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid)
  • Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea of the eye)

If your eye(s) are dry, red, swollen, or painful, please contact our offices so we can protect your most precious gift of sight!