Therapeutic Optometrist

A therapeutic optometrist is an optometrist who has additional responsibilities. As an optometrist they will see patients and conduct tests to identify any medical issues that their patient has that are affecting their vision. They are qualified to provide a diagnosis for a range of issues, including colorblindness and glaucoma. Once they have determined which issues are affecting their patient they will prescribe treatment. This may involve prescribing glasses or it may involve a surgical procedure. When their patients require eye surgery they are also responsible for examining them before and after the surgery.

Therapeutic optometrists may also prescribe medication to their patients. They may perform additional tasks such as removing items that are in a person’s eye. They are also qualified to diagnose and treat patients with eye diseases. They may also pursue a license that enables them to treat patients with glaucoma. Other duties that all optometrists perform include teaching their patients about eye care. All optometrists are also qualified to identify other potential health issues that may affect their patients, such as diabetes. In addition to their medical duties optometrists may also be responsible for hiring and overseeing staff and promoting their services. Their specific responsibilities may vary if they have their own practice or are part of a medical team in a doctor’s office or store setting.