Our frame buyers work with designers from New York and Paris to Milan, Italy to create the richest, most unique selection of designer eyewear and sunwear anywhere.



Our EXCLUSIVE arrangement with Minima eyewear in France has made Goodrich Optical one of the largest distributors of Minima eyewear in the U.S. Minima eyewear provides our clients with some of the lightest (the entire collection ways less than 7 grams per frame), most comfortable titanium eyewear available. Combine this with their use of unique, custom lens shapes including styles with etching, scallops and/or facets and you have completely customized eyewear. Hypo-allergenic, lighter and stronger than steel and with an unheard of 10-year frame warranty, Minima eyewear combines exclusivity and customization with incredible value.


Studio 3 Occhiali Inc. is the worldwide manufacturer of Italian eyewear trademarks:

For decades, our renowned signature use of colors has been nurtured by the iconic Italian sensitivity and passion for style and craftsmanship.

Colors are a powerful form of Communication.

Colors are Mood Enhancing.

Colors are Freedom and Self-Expression.

Ultimately the color combination you select defines your personality. It also creates a style that is distinctly yours to be transferred onto whatever surrounds you from that point on.

Coco Chanel habitually reminded us that, “FASHION FADES, BUT STYLE GOES ON FOREVER.” It is this pursuit of excellence that makes Studio 3 Occhiali Inc. eyewear collections timeless and our signature style unique.

frame3Casanova from Italy is another designer company that deserves a mention. The company was founded in 1983 by 6 friends who used to work in different fields. Each of them made a special contribution to the development of production and marketing strategy of the company.

The founders of the company justly supposed that a company’s name is one of the key marketing tricks. According to their opinion, the name had to be easily recognizable, memorable and connected to Venice. The final decision was made after one of the partners moved into a house near Giacomo Casanova’s place of birth. The name defined the approach to the design and quality of frames — the frame design is based on ideas of art, philosophy and music.

The designers widely use the ideas of such art movements as surrealism (Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte); abstractionism (Wassily Kandinsky); cubism (Mondrian); symbolism, as well as elements of Byzantine art and the rococo style.

Each frame is hand-made and hand-painted with the use of enamel and gilt. At the same time, the process of frame production also involves modern technologies and equipment, guaranteeing high quality and thorough technical control of each operation.

The collection of frames includes three lines: Casanova, Dolce Vita, and Taxi.

frame5The Casanova line: the models of this line are “haute couture” items. The designers say that, when developing models for the Casanova line, they are inspired by art.

The Dolce Vita line: the models of this line are of a more classical style; their design is less eccentric. They might also be considered as “pret-a-porte” products.

frame6Taxi line: the models of this line are very comfortable. The company’s designers say that its equivalent in clothing is wearing a baggy shirt or a jacket.

Some models whose design is especially original or unique are produced as “limited editions” (1000-1500 frames). Their value keeps rising because with time they become rare collectors’ items.

Each line has its own style, non-traditional design, and a specific reflection of philosophy, culture and fashion.

frame7-300x125Cari Zalloni was what you call an authentic, passionate eyewear designer. Surely no other has set so many trends and polarized as much as Zalloni did in this career spanning four decades. Back in the late 70s he revolutionized eyewear design with an extrovert style, giving a face to an entire culture generation. As much sought-after status symbols of the rap scene, to this day his eyewear has always been a timeless statement for stars and trendsetters. In his creations Cari Zalloni remains immortal, even after his death – his signature unmistakable.

CAZAL Eyewear is the life’s work and design legacy of a man who basically defined eyewear design from the 80s on: Cari Zalloni – the former Chief Designer and eponym of CAZAL. It is down to his talent and passion for eyewear that today CAZAL is a successful eyewear brand loved by wearers of glasses the world over.

CAZAL Design does not follow the mainstream, instead it always finds new ways. The result: original eyewear models with a high recognition value. Often striking and always unusual! Whether for men or women: CAZAL eyewear is stylishly composed and beguile with its very own character, statement frames and sunglasses designed for people for whom individuality and extravagance are part of their life. Yet CAZAL defines style not just in design: the use of first-class materials like pure titanium or gold and the lavish processing of them guarantee the highest quality. On top of that there is the precision workmanship and numerous quality checks: in this way each of the up to 50 components of a pair of CAZAL glasses is subject to very close scrutiny. The nearly 70 processes CAZAL eyewear undergoes are constantly monitored by our experts. Each and every precious designer frame demonstrates the loving attention to detail with which Cari Zalloni worked and his international design team still works today.


How to Spot Knockoff Eyewear

In these hard economic times, all consumers want their hard earned money to go as far as possible. For those lucky enough to still be able to afford luxury items such as high end eyewear, the worst outcome would be to discover it is counterfeit. Luckily, there are a few ways to know how to spot knock off eyewear.

The first, and most important method of how to spot knock off eyewear, is also the easiest. Only purchase from licensed, authorized dealers. They are guaranteed to have the name brand product, and will gladly assist consumers with identifying the individual traits that ensure they are not dealing in any counterfeit merchandise.

Another method of how to spot knock off eyewear is to inspect the packaging it is coming in. These products go through extensive quality checks to make sure there are no scuffs, dings, or markings. Allowing such a marked up product to be shipped to an authorized seller would tarnish their reputation, which is something they desperately try to avoid.

Counterfeiting is a crime, and criminals don’t want to go to jail. Therefore, they go to great lengths to counterfeit in such a way that they can claim to not have broken the law. For example, since the logos for eyewear are protected under copyright laws, they will alter the image enough so that it would not be considered a copy. Knowing how to spot knock off eyewear means knowing to look very closely to the small details of the products logo.

A final method of how to spot knock off eyewear is to inspect the overall quality of the eyewear. No matter the shade of the lenses, they should be clear. Frames should not be bent or warped, and any stamping should be legible and clean.

Following these tips will ensure you will not fall prey to counterfeit eyewear.