Contact Lens Exam

Goodrich Optical is committed to providing impeccable service and products to meet your individual eye care needs such as diabetic eye exams, lenses, glasses in Lansing, MI & more

Did you know that no one else in the world has a retina quite like yours? Retinas, like fingerprints, are so unique they are often used for security scans as a means of identification. At Goodrich Optical, we understand that. Just as no two patients’ retinas are the same, neither are their visual needs. Our doctor and staff are committed to providing you with an eye exam, contact lenses and eye glasses that address your unique vision requirements. From the moment you contact our office, our focus is centered on your individual eye care needs.

Fitting the proper contact lens for each patient is something we take great pride in at Goodrich Optical. We ensure the proper prescription and fit of your contact lens before you ever purchase your lenses. Advances in contact lens technology now allows patients to select from several types of contact lenses such as those that correct for astigmatism and even those that allow you to become independent from reading glasses. We offer unbeatable customer service and prices usually lower than competing online companies.

Benefits of Ordering Your Contact Lenses From Us

  • Substantial discounts when purchasing a full year supply!
  • Exclusive rebates (save up to $100 on a year’s supply)
  • “Tear-Free” Guarantee (accidents do happen)!
  • Extended grace if life throws a curve (complimentary trials, box exchanges, etc.)!
  • 50% in office discount to use towards a backup pair of glasses or 30% in office discount to use towards a pair of plano sunglasses (not combined with insurance)!
  • Complimentary starter kit!
  • Free shipping to your home, saving you a trip, even though we love to see your face!
  • Ability to exchange unopened boxes that are not expired!
  • Hassle-free ordering!
  • Friendly staff and excellent customer service!




Attention Athletes – Let us fit you with sport-specific contacts.