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Goodrich Optical is the leading Eyewear Boutique in Greater Lansing. Offering all the essential eye care services you expect at prices you won't.

Dr David Bosak, our Optometrist, is a Specialist at caring for children, seniors and people with special needs.
From LASIK and Cataract Surgery to Diabetes, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration, we offer eye care and glasses in Holt, MI to help & maintain your vision at its best.
We offer glasses and contact lenses for the entire family. Sunglasses, sports and safety eyewear to the latest computer vision eyewear. We offer protection from injury and trauma, to the glare, eyestrain and blue light concerns associated with night driving and computer vision syndrome.

Pediatric/Children’s Eye Health Exam

Specialists in fitting your child, newborn to graduate. With the latest styles, fashions and colors. All with warranties included FREE!


Unsurpassed Care. Unrivaled Knowledge. Exclusive Frame Lines.

Just the beginning of what you’ll experience when you trust Goodrich Optical with your eyecare.

Contact Lens Professional Fees

Since 2013 we have been recognized as the leader in Contact Lens Care in the Lansing area.

Digital Retinal Imaging (No Dilation Retinal Exam)

With the latest in digital technology, combined with the knowledge, experience and compassion of Dr Bosak, you won’t receive a more comprehensive eye exam anywhere.

What is an Optician?


Goodrich Optical has been awarded one of the top Optometry practices in Lansing


  • Always amazing service, exams and overall friendly and welcoming.
    Heather Fleury
  • I come to Goodrich Optical from Ohio to get my glasses. Best fit ever.
    Helen Gowdy
  • The eye exam I received was the most thorough I have ever had. I would recommend any Senior Citizen visit this Optometrist.
    Victor Hansens
  • I don't often "like" businesses on Facebook, but this one is so exceptional I really want people to know about it. I got my glasses from Goodrich Optical for many years, then because of insurance restrictions had to go elsewhere for several years. I was continuously frustrated and mystified that other opticians seemed so incapable of providing me the services Goodrich offered. I actually bought glasses that I never wore, because the opticians were unable to make them work for me, and always insisted that I needed to buy three pairs instead of one.
    I just got a pair of glasses from Goodrich that look, feel, and function perfectly. It was a terrific experience, because this family-owned business is dedicated to knowing what they need to know in order to provide great service. They specialize in providing unobtrusive lenses that are multi-functional. I guarantee you will be happy with them, just as they guarantee "We promise to spend more than an hour on your glasses."
    Doak Bloss
  • This is a family business. Parents and children are opticians and managers of this eyeglass shop. I am new to the area. I accidentally stepped on my glasses and twisted them. They were in terrible shape, and I presumed that I would have to buy a new pair. I don't have that kind of money, and I needed them repaired quickly. Goodrich has a large ad in the Yellow Pages. I bought my glasses at Walmart in Flint, but knew that I would have no luck getting them repaired there. Goodrich's told me to come in; they made no promises, but said that they would see what they could do. Dr. Goodrich, Sr., (I believe), worked on my glasses for 20 minutes and fixed them. After the repair, he just said, "come and visit us again." I believe his wife is the office manager. They are quiet and professional people. Really, this is one of the friendliest and helpful businesses I have encountered in Lansing. I will definitely visit Goodrich Optical again. They inspired a great deal of confidence; while I am naturally cautious, I would trust this business with the care of my eyes, having observed the care that they took with a simpler matter.
    Matthew F.
  • Excellent service provided by wonderful people. As a 20-year customer, I am highly satisfied.
    Paul Schleusener

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